UK & EU Exclusive Retailer of XLARGE®JAPAN

XLARGE® JAPAN is a long time veteran of the lifestyle and streetwear game and much like the name of their gorilla logo, they’re a real ‘OG’. Don't get it twisted though; they’ve been rocking the gorilla logo for longer than that other famous Japanese streetwear brand that also uses a gorilla motif.

XLARGE® was originally founded in Los Angeles, USA in 1991, and a year later in the December of 1992, XLARGE® opened a second store in the famous ura-Harajuku district of Tokyo, Japan (widely considered as the birthplace of Japanese streetwear) and thus, XLARGE® JAPAN was born.  

There has always been 2 different XLARGE® product lines, one for the USA market and one for the Japan market, and the products that ·ONE·JAM·TART· STORE will be proudly carrying are for the Japanese market.

For over 22+ years, XLARGE® JAPAN has quietly gone from strength to strength and now has 24 official retail stores across Japan and has amassed a dedicated and loyal fanbase. Despite being solidly established, XLARGE® JAPAN has never achieved mainstream status and is still pretty much considered to be an underground brand, just the way they like it.

·ONE·JAM·TART· STORE are very honoured to be chosen by XLARGE® JAPAN to be their first UK and EU official and authorized retailer; the first time ever the brand has been made available outside the Asia-Pacific region.