UK & EU Exclusive Retailer of XLARGE®JAPAN

What? & Why?

In a nutshell, ·ONE·JAM·TART· STORE is an independently owned, London based, tiny online retail startup that was launched in 2015 and run by John Wu (JW), Emi Endo (EE) and John Lee (JL), who, when they are not getting on each other’s nerves, are actually great friends.  

Our ·ONE·JAM·TART· STORE was not created to sell jam tarts, but instead it was created to provide lovers of streetwear and international niche labels easier access to brands that are under-represented or not represented at all in the UK and most importantly, that we ourselves are fans of and actually wear.

The long-term goal has always been to build ·ONE·JAM·TART· into a brand that firstly we can be proud of and have fun with, that our parents and friends can be proud of and have fun with, and most importantly that our readers, customers and followers can be proud of, have fun with and have a positive emotional connection with. In this way, our ·ONE·JAM·TART· STORE can be seen as an authentic, intuitive and natural progression to achieving that goal. We believe in having a great time doing what we love, and we do love what we do.

We have deliberately decided to launch with just one brand under our account (the whole walking before running thing), and what a truly amazing brand it is, XLARGE JAPAN, one of our favourite streetwear brands from Japan. ·ONE·JAM·TART· STORE is very proud to have been chosen by XLARGE JAPAN to be their first UK and EU official & authorized retailer; the first time ever the brand has been made available outside the Asia-Pacific region.

Just as it requires the deepest commitment and the most serious mind to become a Jedi, our ·ONE·JAM·TART· Store will have the deepest commitment and the most serious mind when it comes to offering super convenience, world class service, and awesome products at fair and cut-into-our-margin-reasonable prices.

We want you guys to be a part of ·ONE·JAM·TART· so get in touch and connect with us as well as like, share and follow us through our social media channels below.



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Who To Blame For The ·ONE·JAM·TART· STORE 

John WU (JW) has a little bit (or a lot of, depending on who you ask) of OCD. The quickest way to get his attention is to talk about Star Wars and/or basketball. He is amazingly bad at singing but amazingly great at getting himself completely lost. He suffers from monkey brain and he hates, hates, hates, clowns (ssshhh… don’t tell anyone but they scare him) and coffee (probably because it too also scares him). He was made in Taiwan, but grew up and raised bi-culturally in London. From 2002-2013 he lived and worked in the Far East – 9 years in Tokyo and 2 years in Hong Kong – working in fashion and healthcare. Apart from Star Wars and basketball, he also loves life (so cheesy), mayonnaise, animals, food, anime, street art, films, music & musicals, design, typography, cute, sexy and aesthetically pleasing things, gaming and obviously style & fashion. He is a pescatarian who believes in aliens. He is very fortunate enough to have been to over 28 different countries so far. Finally, his family and friends are very, very important to him. He feels extremely blessed and privileged to have such supportive and loving parents as well as a diverse group of friends from all walks of life who keep him grounded. If you need to contact him, his email is jw@onejamtart.com.

Emi Endo (EE) is the nicest and most sensible one out of the three, and more likely than not, she is probably also the smartest. She was born and raised in Japan, and moved over to London near the end of August 2013. Before, moving to London, she worked for a major Japanese high-end fashion brand for 7 years. She adores anything and everything about Alice in Wonderland. Other passions in her life include contemporary and surrealist art, fashion, music, especially rock, Sunday Roasts, traveling and eating as much cakes and clotted cream scones as possible. She is always on the hunt for that next great coffee shop to have that next great cup of coffee. If you need to contact her, her email is emi@onejamtart.com.

John Lee (JL) greets everyone with the word “Alright?” Not “alright, alright, alright” à la ‪Matthew MacConaughey, just a single “alright?” If you only find out one thing about him, it will probably be that he likes food, a lot!  He was born and raised in London; it’s his home, he loves it and he ranks it #1 as the food capital of the world.  He is a true big city boy with his other favourite cities (that he’s been to so far) being NYC, Taipei and Tokyo. He has worked in banking for 7 years, (but hates being called a banker, so please go ahead and call him a banker if you get the chance) and through that has had the pleasure of meeting some amazing people and awesome friends.  He is the most well traveled out of the three and harbours a not-so-secret desire to one day write a series of travel guides. He loves sports and plays basketball and squash, and really enjoys books, coffee, cocktails, films, great bars, great views, streetwear fashion and everything that involves whiling away the hours relaxing with family and mates.  He believes that life is too short to waste and that everyone is the result of the people in their lives and the experiences they have.  He knows he wouldn’t be the person he is without his family and friends supporting and guiding throughout and for that he is incredibly grateful.  He hopes to see you around. If you need to contact him, his email is jl@onejamtart.com.